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How often have you heard of Real Estate Agents who quote a price they will able to sell a home for, only to find out, once you have signed up, they cannot sell the property for that price.

We see the consequences of this practice every day. It means that the plans that have been made for those entering aged care, falls apart, and we have to go back to the drawing board and start all over again, with some very disappointed clients.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Real Estate Agent who will quote a realistic and fair price for the property in the first place, and who keeps you informed of what is happening. Ie a Real Estate Agent with honesty & integrity.

It’s here

(Corporations Licence 1 699 272)

We have launched our own Real Estate Agency, exclusively for Balance Financial Solutions clients, in conjunction with Stewart Upton Real Estate 2.

Our agents are expected to quote honest & realistic prices for the sale of the property in question, not a pie in the sky quote just to win your business.

I have been around Real Estate Agents long enough to know how they work and what you should be looking for is someone with experience, who is going to work hard for YOU, to get the best price they can.

Don’t forget, the agent is not buying the property themselves, so they cannot control what some potential buyer will pay, so a ridiculously high quote does NOT mean they will achieve that price. You should be asking them:

  • how do they propose to get the best price they can for you
  • how hard are they going to work for you.



1 Balance Property Solutions Pty Limited – Tony Kelly Licensee in Charge (Lic. #. 1613076)

2 Stewart Upton Real Estate- Corporations licence 980475 – John Knight Licensee in Charge (Lic # 253293)

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